Trunk Pro Flex/Linear232
LED Linear Trunking System


Linear232-Modular LED trunking system is the optimal solution for almost all linear lighting applications thanks to its flexibility, good quality, precise beam shaping and easy installation. Linear232 can be ordered with a up to 11 wires trunking base.

Basic: 50mmx32mm
Low-Bay Square: 50mmx25mm
Linear Office: 50mmx25mm
Reflector: 50mmx75mmx153mm

Datasheet Preview

Features of Trunk Pro Flex/Linear232

  • Modular design, parts replaceable

  • No flickering

  • Various beam angles: Wide, Narrow, Batwing

  • UGR<19 (optional)

  • Options: Dimming (0-10V), Motion Sensing, Backup Battery

  • Installation height from 2.5m till 12m

  • 5 years warranty


  • suspending

  • ceiling mounting

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