Your engineering and production partner to realize your lighting and digital ideas according to the market needs. Full service for your successful business to be ahead of technology.

We offer a fully equipped light and electronic laboratory as well as 3D Scanners and Printers.
FTL spectrum to LED copy service by spectral analyse.

inledco Lighting Co. Ltd. (China)

  • Engineering headquarter with more then 20 engineers
  • Production capacity of 5 workshops with 200 employees
  • Private owned and directed
  • International co-assistance customer care
  • Local Asia customer care
  • Perfect location to serve European customers by train connection
  • Georaphical dry area that avoid moisture into IP 6X structures

Targeted on lighting and components inledco becomes the leading manufacturer for specialized lighting applications, now in the 10th year and pioneered the LED technology since 2008 Starting from 2014 with remote LED controlling we have developed a separate full 5 people engineering team just focusing of state of the art light controlling and development with all kinds of production and testing in house facilities

Sales Development

  • Our development proceeds rapidly with annual growth rates of over 100% every year.
  • We are prepaired for large quantities
  • direct and short internal channels allow quick responses to market demands
  • our customers receive customized solutions through uncompromising collaboration between development and production.

After-Sales Service

We are your full-service partner in matters of energy efficient lighting solutions!

  • analysis of existing lighting and product advise based on medium- and long term investment planning
  • sample position, light metering, energy calculation
  • financing solutions, advice on founding support
  • short-term supply and installation
  • all inledco products are constantly conducted and examined by independent institutes.


  • Our logistic partners guarantee short delivery times by high storage capacities.
  • Direct delivery to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Great Britain, and the whole World.
  • Samples, bulks, and necessary subsequent deliveries come out of one hand.

A glimpse in the production

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