GrowLite Series


LED Plant Light (GrowLite Series) features an innovative material – Nitride Polymer – as heat sink combined with modular design to provide astonishing performance. This top-quality luminaire is designed for professional indoor plant lighting application with selected receipt for various type of planting stages. 

1x4: 268x82x44mm
2x2: 198x198x75mm
3x3: 286x286x75mm

Datasheet Preview

Features of GrowLite Series

  • Patented LED Module in Jigsaw form
  • Silicon Optical Lenses
  • Anti Static, Anti-acid and Anti Alkali
  • Beam Angle of the lights is 100 degree
  • Nitride Polymer is coated an the heat sink that provi- des great heat dissipation (2000W/°C) which is much better than copper and aluminium. lt optimizes the LED life span and minimize the product size & weight
  • Electrical insulation and high stability; chemical, physical, mechanical resistant
  • Powder coated bracket allows easy positioning and 270° rotation