GrowConnect Top 231



Various types of indoor horticulture lighting applications. Natural spectrum optimized for rapid growth and complete plant growth. Suitable for universal indoor cannabis, flowers, succulents, orchids, tillandsia and bromelia. 

1200mm x 55mm x 70mm 1200mm x 155mm x 115mm (with reflector) 

Datasheet Preview

Features of GrowConnect Top 231

  • IP66

  • IK10

  • High impact-resistant textured, high protection level

  • Unique anti-theft design, suspending or ceiling mounting

  • Excellent optical design, anti-glare

  • Parts replaceable

  • Special optics design for high efficiency up to 160lm/W

  • Beam angles: narrow, wide, flat

  • Motion-sensing distance is 8meters o

  • Working temperature -20-45 c

  • High quality LED

  • 5 years warranty


  • suspending

  • ceiling mounting