TriProof Flex I / Linear217
Modular LED Linear & Tri-proof light


Linear217-Modular LED Linear & Tri-proof light is the optimal solution for almost all linear lighting applications thanks to its flexibility, good quality, precise beam shaping and easy installation. Linear217-Modular LED Linear & Tri-proof light adopts patented modular pre-assembled connector design (electrical and mechnical connections) and the system can hold up to 10*2.5mm wires for multi-functions. Unique sealing material and technique ensures IP65 and makes the light workable even in harsh industrial surroundings.

1200mm and 1500 mm x variable dimensions

Datasheet Preview

Features of TriProof Flex I / Linear217

  • IP65 Modular design, parts interchangeable

  • End-to-end connectable, quick installation

  • Patented sliding clip design

  • Can be integrated with Dimming (0-10V), emergency function, motion sensing

  • 5 years warranty


  • suspending

  • ceiling mounting

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